1950s college students
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ilsee - Mucha
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Silos Bestiary by Lawrence OP on Flickr.The capitals of the 11th-century Romanesque clositer of the Benedictine abbey of Sto Domingo of Silos in Spain is a fascinating insight into the medieval imagination. Strange beasts and complex plantlife writhe around them, perhaps as a reminder that God’s creation is more wondrous and mysterious than we can ever fathom.
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Meret Oppenheim, Object, 1936, fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon, 27.3 x 7.3 cm, MoMA, New York. Source
The MoMA online states that Object was born out of a conversation between Oppenheim, Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar. The three were in a Parisian cafe when Picasso commented on Oppenheim’s bracelet, which was wrapped in a layer of fur. Oppenheim replied by suggesting that all objects can be decorated in this way, and she went on to create this Chinese-gazelle-covered tea set for a Surrealist exhibition. The sweet, little symbol of polite, feminine socialisation becomes highly sexualised and invitingly strokeable. Good word.
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Nymph - Alphonse Osbert
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Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) by Art & Vintage on Flickr.
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Vogue - 1926 . by Edward Steichen by PeterJAussie Tumblr on Flickr.
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Yanina haute couture spring/summer 2014 runway details.
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The Grand Budapest Hotel for birds
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Claude Monet, Olive Tree Wood in the Moreno Garden, 1884
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